The company was formed to unite new developments with more than 35 years of experience in WFI distillation, Pure Steam generation and clean water systems. Our original design introduced in 1981 did eliminate many disadvantages as e.g. leaking heat exchangers and ‘carry over’ of impurities due to high steam velocities. Our distillation unit was the 1st unit on the market to combine the best characteristics of classical, old distillation technique with new developments such as a multi separation system and proportional regulation. Although the basic, original design still is the same many improvements have been made during the years making the AQUA-NOVA® unit perhaps the most reliable water still on the market.In 1994 we did introduce the s.c. COMBI units to the market, where practically any amount of  Pure Steam can be withdrawn without affecting the WFI production capacity. This has meant important cost savings in investment, installation and validation.New developments for the production of ultra clean water for microbiological and cell cultivations have also been made.We have always worked in close cooperation with our clients to adapt the equipment to the conditions at site. Comprehensive advice and support is given to the client for optimal performance of delivered installations.In 2007 Sofinn SA ( and Mr Lennart Kärrberg (through his company Kärrberg Konsult) acquired 50% each of Aqua-Nova AB.Mr Kärrberg – a recognised specialist in thermodynamics holds 100% of the Swedish manufacturer Kärrberg Welding, specialised in the design and production of advanced heat exchangers. AQUA-NOVA® is headed with long and extensive experience of pure steam generation. The acquisition of Aqua-Nova was motivated by the important synergy obtained by the combined know-how of AQUA-NOVA®, Sofinn, and Kärrberg Konsult









Our Management

Lennart Kärrberg

Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Operating Officer


Suhail Kapasi

Global Sales Manager


Anders Rasmusson

Project Manager


Eric Berntsson

Service and after sales


Andre Petersson

Documentation and after sales


Roshana Patil

Proposal and Engineering

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Backup office assistant


Gunnar Björksten

Executive Board Member